Next Wed…

A poster I did for a friend and partners and for the launch of Majls autum/winter collection @ next Wednesday night…

busy living, busy dying

Also broke my hand…

Make it CLAP!

Just an idea to give that 70’s kung fu feeling… No?! Ok Pinky Violence style?! Alright… Whatever… Done as a quick pitch for a company that shall remain nameless…


Pitches & Presentations on Vimeo.

Nelly Presentation Presentation from jerklewis on Vimeo.

Gallery presentation

Simple UI 3 colors. Slide gallery/ Presentation from jerklewis on Vimeo.

What I have to go through…

I go through this semi-tunnel at least  twice a day an no matter how sunny or gloomy it is, this section always seems like a portal to me… Like if I’m coming home at night or i am leaving first thing in the morning, it’s like being transported in or out of the HomeJerk into … Continue reading

Prime Reach

Not much to be said…  Prime Opener from jerklewis on Vimeo.

Jerk Worx

In today’s competitive world How will you you find your way? You need JERK WORX Make sure you ask for the worx With that complete packagé you will get… Jerk Worx from jerklewis on Vimeo.